Stalking? Who me? Naaaaahh

February 23, 2009

fbstalkingIt’s so hard trying to escape an ex in the days of online social networking isn’t it?

Even if you’ve considered moving to another country to get away from them (believe me, I have been tempted) they’d follow you, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and even YouTube.

Yep, the wonders of modern technology means you just can’t get away from people.

But if you’re like me, you probably can’t resist a sneak peek at your ex’s facebook profile.

I do it. Often. It’s a little bit therapeutic, actually.

“Oh good thing we broke up, he’s put on a few pounds in his recent pics,” I thought to myself once.

“Oh God, his new girlfriend looks like a horse. He’s obviously isn’t over me yet,” I thought another time.

But it is possible to take it too far.

New research has found 1 in 2 people have checked up on an ex online.

And 1 in 4 people have done this more than once (ohhh that’s me!)

Maybe it is time to take up a new hobby.


Glamour Girl cocktails

December 23, 2008


THE best thing about the Christmas party season is the chance to indulge in guilt-free cocktails.

Over the past few weeks, Glamour Girl and friends have had a lot of fun creating – and drinking – some luscious creations.

Here are our three favourites. So, instead of sipping your usual strawberry daiquiri why not glam things up and make your next girls night out a little bit more sophiscated…on us 



3 oz Folonari Pink Pinot Grigio (oh, OK then, just use any Rose or pink champagne, we won’t know the difference)

1 Oz peach schnapps

A splash of cranberry juice and a strawberry for garnish (much prettier than fake cherries)

Variation: If you want to add a little kick to it, add a splash of Grey Goose.


3 Oz well-chilled Vodka (we prefer Grey Goose)

A dash of vermouth and a lemon or lime wedge to garnish



1 Oz chocolate liqueur

1 Oz Vanilla Schnapps

1 Oz Creme de Cacao

1 Oz Grey Goose vodka

Mix with ice in a cocktail shaker .




I’m glad you still love me when you’re drunk

December 22, 2008

806025351IT IS always around this time of year that I get a drunken phone call from my ex boyfriend telling me how much he loves me and how much he wants me back.

“I should never have let you go darling,” were his words last night.

“I’ve come to terms with it now.

“I’m OK with the fact that I love you and want you in my life.

“Let’s get married.”

You are probably thinking, “What a loser, who would fall for that?”

Well, sadly, once upon a time, I did fall for those words. Over and over again.

Call me gullible, but if someone says something, shouldn’t they mean it? Shouldn’t what they say be the truth?

Well, sadly no, not if they are calling you at 3am and have quite clearly drunk several bars dry.

But it seems I am not alone.

My stunningly beautiful best friend is also going through something similar.

Despite the fact she is a former model, has a glamorous job and is the nicest person in the world, she fell for someone who just doesn’t treat her right.

And she is still at the stage where the drunken phone calls and text messages make her think everything is still OK.

Until she got this text message from her now sober ex the next morning: “Hi, I was drunk sorry. Can we just forget what I said? I will probably change my mind tonight though!”

So now she has done the sensible thing and dumped his phone number.

Doing that hurts though, especially when you love the person who is hurting you.

But at least by not falling for his BS you are taking back a little bit of power for yourself.

And my ex? Well, I hung up on him and went back to sleep. I know the next time he decides to contact me will be under similar circumstances and frankly, I deserve better than that.

Happy silly season to all of you xoxo

Embrace your “singleness” this silly season

December 13, 2008

80602499It’s that dreaded time of the year when single girls have to endure the Christmas party circuit by themselves.

I mean, let’s face it, these events are filled with loved up couples talking about how fabulous their christmas together is going to be, aren’t they?

Wrong. It just seems that way when you are focused on spending the silly season by yourself.

Being single at Christmas is not a bad thing.

In fact, it is a lot better than having to deal with dreaded in-laws, according to New York Magazine editor and author of A Modern Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Single Life, Sarah Ivens (Piatkus Books, 2008).

“Being single is not a curse, it is often a blessing,” says Ivens in her book.

“It’s like taking a break and having a good look around you.”

That’s why single women should embrace their singledom this Christmas.

And by following these simple tips, you will be having way too much fun to notice that a significant other is missing in your life.

Tips for going to a Christmas party alone:

  1. Get glammed up: buy a new dress or shoes, get your hair done or have a facial. Spending time on making yourself look and feel great will give you some new found confidence.
  2. Let people know you are going: tell your friends and colleagues you plan to attend the party. They might know people going to it and spread the word. If people expect to see you there you will be made to feel more than welcome when you arrive.
  3. Take a cab or hire a driver: If you drive yourself to the party chances are you will drive yourself away before you set foot in the door. Arriving by cab or private car means you must get out once you arrive at your destination. And you don’t have to worry about parking.
  4. Don’t drown your nerves with alcohol: arriving at a party drunk will make things worse. Steady your nerves with one glass of champagne, if you feel like drinking more, try soda, juice or water.
  5. Talk to the host when you first arrive: let them know you are by yourself and ask them if they wouldn’t mind introducing you to some people. They will appreciate the effort you made to come by yourself and you could make some new friends.
  6. Have some conversation starters: Read the newspaper before you go so you are up-to-date on what’s in the news. If you are struggling to keep a conversation going, talking about world events should buy you some time.
  7. Get talking to other women in the bathroom: Chances are they are also single and will take you under their wing.
  8. Arrive early: You won’t feel like you are walking into a crowded room where everybody knows each other. It will also give you the chance to leave early, too.

Why being single at Christmas is more fun than being in a relationship:

  1. There are more party invites than usual, which gives you more chances to meet eligible guys. Single guys have to attend the same Christmas functions as single girls.
  2. You don’t have to visit his family or buy them gifts, giving you more time to spend with your own loved ones.
  3. You don’t have to spend days thinking about buying him the perfect gift. And the money you save can be spent on buying yourself something nice.
  4. You can eat all the Christmas candy by yourself and not feel guilty.
  5. You don’t have to attend his work Christmas party, letting you spend quality time with yourself or your own friends.
  6. You can go away with your family or friends for a vacation without having to worry if it will affect his schedule.

We’re back!

November 29, 2008


As you know, Self Help for the Glamour Girl has been offline since March 2008. But we are pleased to announce we are back! And we promise we are not going anywhere this time.

Thanks all for your patience


You want to go shopping? Again??

March 26, 2008

200319394-001.jpgI DID something very stupid the other night.

After arriving home from a party about 2am I decided to go shopping.

And not just any sort of shopping – I went on a full blown, sod the savings plan, max out the credit cards – shopping spree.  Online.

I thought it was a very good thing to do at the time.

Don’t get me wrong – internet shopping is the greatest invention ever.

You can buy anything you want from places all over the world. You don’t have to deal with crowds, parking or store assitants. You can get home late from work and unwind with a bit of store browsing from the comfort of your own living room.

But for some reason all my sense goes out the window when shopping online. Maybe because I don’t even have to get my purse out makes me not realise how much I’m spending.

And everything is such a bargain on the internet isn’t it? I bought a fab Ralph Lauren for bag for just $150 – and I have to admit, it looks stunning.

But I need to stop before I become completely addicted to throwing money on items I don’t really need (yes, that’s right, I admite I didn’t need 8 Napoleon Perdis lipsticks. One would have done. Well, OK, maybe two).

And my solution to this?

Wish lists.

I make a wish list of items I like and then go back the next day to see if I really want them or not

And it is working a treat – I can still go wish list shopping at 2am when slightly tipsy – and not wake up with the credit card hangover the next morning.


Glamour Girl’s top five online shopping sites: 


Absolutely everything you could ever want can be found on ebay – especially vintage clothes, jewellery and handbags for bargain prices.


Magazines, books, DVDs and even gifts – I love it!


What’s hot, right now. Good for a splurge….and do at times have good sales.


Mmmmmm just think Juicy Couture, Seven, Marc by Marc Jacobs…can shop by trend, which is a thrill.


Thousands of beauty products from hundreds of companies…it’s beauty queen heaven!

Driving Licence 101

March 15, 2008

car2.jpgI was once extremely proud of having my L Plates. Extremely proud. Especially because I once successfully managed to use them as ID at a bar when underage (yes, I did some naughty things in my teens).

But Losing L Plates can make you even prouder. Imagine being able to go on your very own road trip with the girls without the parents in tow.

And it’s not only teens who need to lose their L Plates these days. More and more twenty-somethings who were having too much fun partying to bother about a licence are now realising that it could err, come in handy.

 But who of us passed our driving test first time around? I sure as hell didn’t. Which was all the instructor’s fault, by the way. He failed me for running a stop sign. I swore up and down there was no stop sign. In the end, he drove me back past the sign to point out that it was actually there. I accused him of putting it there. He still failed me, and I had to go through the whole ordeal again. In fact, I still have nightmares about it.

Which is why I wish I had had Maria McCarthy’s book “The Girls’ Guide to Losing Your L-Plates” when I needed it. I only read this book this week – a good 10 years after I passed my driving test, but it made me wish I could take my driving test all over again…..well almost!

But if you are one of those out there thinking of going for their driver’s licence (trust me, you only have to be the sober-driver-home-from-the-bar for a couple of months), don’t do so without this book. Not only is it a girl’s best friend, it also tells you it is perfectly OK to drink champagne to celebrate when you do pass (just don’t get behind the wheel after downing a bottle or two…)

Find Maria’s book here:


Single girls are taking over the world

March 12, 2008

200572962-001.jpgWHO said men were the be-all and end-all?

According to new research from Australia, the single girl is a growing phenomenon.

And she is getting savvier and savvier.

Today’s single woman has been billed as a hybrid of Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City.

No longer as desperate and dateless as good old Bridge (although still secretly holding out for our very own Mr Darcy, or, in the case of some, the sexy Hugh Grant) today’s single girl has all the sex appeal of a Sex and the City girl.

In short, confidence abounds.

Australian research company Mosaic has said 51.4 per cent of Aussie women are now SPUDs _ Single Income women living in an Urban Dwelling.

Basically, today’s single girl is living it up in the city, is climbing the career ladder and doesn’t need no man.

Or, at least not just the one (a different one for every day of the week could be fun).

For the first time since World War I the single girl has out grown the happily-married-with-kids model.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Let me know your thoughts.

In the meantime, I have to say, who said blondes had more fun? Sounds like it’s the single girl to me


Reclaim your self esteem…with makeup

March 8, 2008

200419410-001.jpgI THINK I have found the ultimate break-up cure.

And it involves models, make-up and a huge dose of self-confidence.

British model Jemma Kidd thinks getting over a break-up is as easy as applying makeup.

So easy, her make-up school, the Jemma Kidd School of Makeup, has created a self-help course designed to help the glamour gal get back on the horse.

The Jemma Kidd solution involves four steps – and they all revolve around your makeup bag.

And by the end of those four steps, you will not only be over your dud, but will have a whole new look.

Brilliant, isn’t it? Only wish I had come up with it first.


March 5, 2008


WHY is it when someone breaks up with you, you suddenly leap onto a treadmill of crash dieting and faint-worthy workouts?

Is someone else so important to us that when they reject us we immeditely think we just aren’t perfect enough?

This behaviour is so seriously damaging. But I admit, I have done it before.

Being dumped gives you that out of control feeling that is temporarily fixed by doing something crazy, like, say, eating just lettuce for a week.

My vice was exercise – I’d spend hours at the gym – running on the treadmill, pumping weights, doing one or two aerobics classes, at the same time as trying to convince the instructor she didn’t see me in her last class an hour ago, telling her “that was my twin sister. Ah, yes, we are so alike we wear the same sweaty gym outfit.”

But it would only make me feel in control for a split second. And you know what? It didn’t really work.

Because the moron who dumped me was an idiot. It wasn’t me who wasn’t good enough, it was him.

My mother once gave me some advice. She said to me: “You can’t let what other people think or feel influence how you think or feel”. And she was absolutely right.